• fashion for capitals

    Antonio Fusco showcases his fashion in the world’s major metropolises: London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and naturally Milan. From one continent to another. New York, the ideal destination. Milan the capital. Fusco loves to travel and enjoys talking about his many trips. In the East in the lands of colors and dreams. In the West in the cities of high-gear living and the future.

  • But asking him what part of the planet he would like to live or work, if there is some landscape he finds compelling above all others, is pointless. Antonio Fusco experiences his passions and emotions in a total and intimate way. From the wondrous Orient he draws images and ideas to translate into an everyday dimension. Of the big cities across the Atlantic he appreciates the efficiency and romanticism of the American dream. Nevertheless, Milan is the capital: he dedicates all he derives from his travels to this center of innovation and industry.

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