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    The style of world capitals, international class. Antonio Fusco lives and works in Milan but he learned his trade from master Neapolitan tailors, nurtured his creativity at a young age amidst artisan workshops and prominent ateliers:

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  • here he acquired his skill for recognizing the finest of fabrics, for fashioning clothes according to the secrets of haute couture. Along the way absorbing the great culture of the craft. A culture Antonio Fusco kept pursuing through successive experiences: in the United States and Canada, in Istanbul and Paris. At design studios and stores, showrooms and factories… although performing a variety of tasks, consulting, collaborating on collections large or small, he always took the same approach. Thus absolute perfectionism, the impeccable quality, creativity and class he learned in the ateliers of Naples, characterize all Antonio Fusco clothes. His deep love for art, architecture and travelling comes through in the singular elegance of his creations. This makes his fashion truly special. International inĀ image and allure.