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    Antonio Fusco: collections for women, collections for man. Exquisite tailoring. Experimentation and experience, creativity and the clothes. In Italy, in America, in the whole world. Timeless class, unmistakable style. The concepts. The lines. The fabrics. The patterns and prints. The details and accessories. Antonio Fusco sets pure style, international of image.

  • the image

    The style of world capitals, international class. Antonio Fusco lives and works in Milan but he learned his trade from master Neapolitan tailors, nurtured his creativity at a young age amidst artisan workshops and prominent ateliers…

  • the woman

    A sure image. Elegance, class, allure. The international glamour and freshness of the Antonio Fusco woman. Up-to-date style, timeless distinction. Feminine, sporty and smooth. Mannish leitmotifs in the imperceptible and perfect constructions.

  • the man

    Ultimate wearability. Sure style. Quality, perfectionism, class. Antonio Fusco’s vision of certitude and distinction in dressing. One of the international man. The precise fabric. Ad hoc constructions. Research Sense of balance. Sharp details. A keen updating of the secrets of great tailoring tradition.

  • research

    From the design project, original sketch, to the mise en forme in atelier. The fundamental verification step for transforming the concept and research into prototypes of style. The fine hand, sartorial skill and experience for defining the creation, producing high quality. Each garment goes throug accurate, comprehensive development and study.

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  • fashion for capitals

    Antonio Fusco showcases his fashion in the world’s major metropolises: London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and naturally Milan. From one continent to another. New York, the ideal destination. Milan the capital. Fusco loves to travel and enjoys talking about his many trips. In the East in the lands of colors and dreams. In the West in the cities of high-gear living and the future.

  • the location

    Stores on the most prestigious streets of capital cities, offices and showrooms around the world. The Antonio Fusco image comprises a precise reality. The headquarter is the factory-atelier on the outskirts of Milan.

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